How to Know When You’re Ready to Close a Prospect in B2B

Closing a sale in the enterprise can easily get complicated. With multiple stakeholders involved, it’s essential to build relationships before even thinking of selling.

To find out if you’re ready to close a sale, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I speaking with someone who has the pain we’re solving?
  • Am I speaking with someone who has money or a budget?
  • Have I identified and met all of the buyer types (economic, technical and user buyer)?
  • Is there anybody at a senior level whose approval we need (that could kill the deal)?
  • Is the deal subject to another departments’ approval process?
  • Are there other departments who might disapprove of the deal?
  • Can Legal or Purchasing block this deal?
  • Can anyone else veto this deal?
  • Are there other internal options that might prove more cost-effective, less difficult or in some other way more attractive than our proposal?
  • Are there more painful problems to which the budget might be diverted?
  • Are there compliance issues regarding this deal?
  • Are there major risks or unresolvable issues with this deal?

If you’re ready to sell, go for it!

If not, there’s still time. Get another meeting with the same stakeholder to further explore the solution or try and land a meeting with another buying influencer.

Stay top-of-mind. Make sure you’re not losing hard-earned momentum.

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