How to Make Sure your Deals Don’t Die just Outside of the End Zone in the Enterprise

Enterprise sales cycles will be long no matter what you sell. Going through IT security reviews, legal reviews, budget allocation and end-user training in the face of competing internal processes takes time. And time kills deals.

Deals that seemed like sure things upon sale can die for lack of momentum or changing business priorities. It’s a shame to lose out on deals because of considerations that have nothing to do with the product.

Make sure your deals don’t die just outside of the end zone. Take the lead. Identify what needs to get done once the preliminary “buy” decision is made to get the solution implemented and activated by end-users.

Move beyond the decision-makers and drive the process. Understand the supporting actors and organize the tasks that need to get done. Don’t think of this as stepping on peoples’ toes; think of it as an opportunity to provide exceptional after-sales service.

Business stakeholders are busy. They will appreciate your leadership as long as you’re mindful of their reality and keep the interactions pressureless.

Managing the post-sales processes will allow you to further understand the customer reality and discover opportunities to improve the full product experience.