How to Quickly Build Social Proof in a B2B Market

Vincent Guyaux joined Mindready Solutions following good success as VP of sales of Locus Dialogue, a speech-recognition startup.

Mindready Solutions was a leading supplier of automation, embedded and test systems for the automotive, aerospace, industrial, medical and telecommunications industries.

As General Manager of the embedded systems division, Vincent was responsible for bringing to market their IEEE 1394 hardware and software. The “1394”— also called Firewire by its inventor, Apple — was a serial bus interface standard for high-speed communication. The idea was to embed the technology in automobiles to replace the legacy Canbus, a network for in-car communication among multiple devices.

To build the firm’s credibility in the industry, Vincent joined the 1394 Trade Association, an international organization promoting the proliferation of the technology. By definition, the members of the association were early adopters.

To make a name for himself, Vincent volunteered time to write reports and organize events. One of the conferences Mindready Solutions organized had all the 1394 Trade Association members travelling to Montreal for a three-day conference during the world-famous Jazz Festival.

In total, 60 potential customers working in large corporations around Europe, Japan, and the United-States attended the event. Between the meetings, Vincent made sure to wine and dine the attendees, even taking them for a riverboat ride around Montreal.

It was a costly stunt, but the prospects would remember Vincent for going the extra mile and feel indebted to him.

As a matter of fact, when the time came to organize a discussion around replacing the Canbus with the 1394 bus that Mindready Solutions produced, Vincent was able to bring in over 30 well-known experts for keynotes at the annual Detroit Auto Show.

Industry experts with whom Vincent had spent time building long-term relationships were on his side to back his claims.

The organization of these events and the contribution to the association helped build tremendous credibility for Mindready Solutions. For years, whenever an article would get published on the industry, the firm’s name would always be mentioned in one way or another. It was a great way to build visibility and credibility.

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