Recruit the Right Talent, Speed up Your Customer Validation

In B2B, nothing beats deep industry knowledge. If you’re an expert or have one on your team, you’ll gain ground faster than any startups founded by people who are outsiders to the market they’re trying to capture. However, even outsiders can find ways to gain insight.

As a founder, you should always ask yourself: Who in the industry already has the knowledge we seek? Who can we recruit as partner, advisor or employee to help speed up customer validation?

No one wants to give equity away. Unless your company is well-funded, seek only people who have expertise, contacts and credibility that will be hard to acquire by your founding team.

Put all your energy in finding the right people — the right partners, advisors or employees — that will help you save an incredible amount of time. It’s crazy how, sometimes, the right advisors can help you save as much as three months.Alain Paquin, WhatsNexx Founder and CEO

Your ultimate goal is to be perceived as part of the business and technical community. If your company is well-rounded with staff and advisors from the industry, you will be perceived as an insider.

Being an outsider is only acceptable in the early days. To truly be successful and go fast, you have to be part of the community.

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