How to Reduce Friction, Reach the Influencers and Close Sales in B2B

When trying to land your first few customers for your startup, the best thing to do is to get an insider – someone in the business – to recommend your product.

The coach (the recommender) desires your success. He’s convinced that your solution will help his company and wants to make sure it gets implemented.

Coaches typically play the user or economic buyer roles and rarely work in IT. They tend to be early adopters and thus are generally open to sharing your messages with colleagues and executives.

A good coach has credibility with the other buying influencers and strong personal relationships with their peers.

It’s essential to get a coach. To convert a buyer into a coach, tell the engaged prospect that you’re looking for advice or coaching. You value their perspective and you’re looking for mentoring.

Sometimes the decision maker is too busy and will refer to their influencers. To reduce friction when selling to large businesses, find those influencers and find ways to motivate them to champion (or coach) your solution.

Get creative. It will drastically increase your odds of closing deals with your early customers.