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The Lean B2B Series

How-to Guides

Step-by-step books walking founders through finding an idea, building their businesses, learning from customers, or finding their markets.

The Lean B2B Masterclass

Step-by-Step Training

In-depth video training taking entrepreneurs through all the steps of building their business in B2B–from ideation to product/market fit.

1:1 Coaching Session

1:1 Coaching

On-demand answers to your business’ most pressing issues. Overcome blockers. Get feedback. Speak to an experienced B2B founder.

Our Products and Services Build on The Lean B2B Methodology
(Which Has Already Helped 1000s of Entrepreneurs & Innovators Around the World)

“Lean B2B is definitively one of the most inspiring books I have read so far covering the B2B market. This is a must read for every B2B entrepreneur, SaaS creator or consultant and business school student. It’s the kind of book you don’t read once, you go back to it on a regular basis.”

Carmen Gerea, FREED CEO & Co-Founder

Carmen Gerea
CEO & Co-founder, FREED

“I learned B2B the hard way, making mistakes following B2C tactics tweaking them to make them work in B2B. All these lessons were in the book. I could have just read this book and saved myself months of runway and immeasurable frustration and anxiety.”

Dillon Zhang Forrest, Steady CEO & Founder

Dillon Forrest
CEO, Steady

“Lean B2B nails the key to being nimble and iterative in the complex, drawn-out world of B2B entrepreneurship: relationships. It captures how I’ve been running my own Lean B2B practice for years and makes it accessible to anyone.”

Brian Gladstein, A-LIGN SVP of Marketing

Brian Gladstein
SVP of Marketing, A-LIGN

“The build -> measure -> learn approach as laid out in the lean startup fails to address the very real problems of long feedback cycles, conducting effective customer interviews and mapping stakeholders, identifying stakeholder incentives and more… This book should really get more attention as it pertains to a number of problems that B2B businesses face.”

Abhishek Sen, NumberEight Co-Founder & CEO

Abhishek Sen
CEO & Co-Founder, NumberEight

Case Studies

See How Entrepreneurs & Innovators Have Used The Lean B2B Methodology

Zak Hemraj – Loopio CEO & Co-Founder

Loopio CEO & Co-Founder

MAPFRE, Innovation Manager

Amelie Spath – Cobrainer Co-Founder

Cobrainer, Co-Founder

Frederik Mohrmann – NLR EBT Program Manager

NLR, EBT Program Manager

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