About Lean B2B

With thousands of customers around the world, Lean B2B is the leading training organization for business-to-business (B2B) entrepreneurs and innovators.

Through popular books, engaging training programs, online or in-person workshops, and the hundreds of freely-available articles on this website we help entrepreneurs and innovators build successful technology products aimed at businesses.

For B2B founders, we produce practical books and masterclasses, we host a founder-only support community, and we coach select entrepreneurs. For intrapreneurs, innovation specialists, and accelerators we offer a certification program, and tailored talks and workshops.

All our products and services are based on our unique research, and the resulting Lean B2B Methodology.

Why Lean B2B

Lean B2B came out of failure.

In 2013, when Étienne Garbugli’s second startup, HireVoice, failed, a process began. This process led to the creation of The Lean B2B Methodology, and the publication of the book Lean B2B.

At the time, it wasn’t clear that the market would embrace another book based on the Lean Startup methodology, but Lean B2B’s first copy was purchased within the first hour of its release, and the book has gone on to be read and used by thousands of entrepreneurs and innovators in more than 130 countries around the world.

B2B entrepreneurship has significantly changed since the initial publication. Through the changes, we’ve remained steadfast in our belief that the best business that a technology entrepreneur can start is in B2B.

Our mission at Lean B2B is to meaningfully increase the success rate of B2B ventures. It’s the reason why we wrote a niche book like Find Your Market, why we’re in the process of updating our entire methodology, and why we’re constantly doing research into the evolving trends and techniques used to bring new B2B products to market.

Who’s Behind Lean B2B

Étienne Garbugli – Lead instructor, Lean B2B
Étienne Garbugli
Lead instructor, Lean B2B

Étienne Garbugli, Entrepreneur, Author, and Researcher

Étienne works at the intersection of tech, product design, and marketing.

He’s a three-time startup founder (Highlights, Flagback, and HireVoice), a five-time entrepreneur, and a customer research expert.

Over the last ten years, he has validated no less than 25 businesses for clients and personal projects, met hundreds of entrepreneurs, ran countless tests, and tried all existing methodologies to learn how to cheaply validate B2B product ideas.

Étienne is the author of Lean B2B, Solving Product, and Find Your Market.