Add the Right Co-Founder at the Right Time

Add critical skills & create new feedback loops in a bootstrapped or solo startup without giving equity away.

Your New Co-Founder

Étienne Garbugli is a 3-time startup founder (Flagback, HireVoice and Highlights), the author of Lean B2B: Build Products Businesses Want, and a customer development expert.

Since 2006, Étienne’s been constantly testing or validating ventures for clients, personal projects, or his own startups. Throughout, he’s met hundreds of founders, ran countless experiments, and tried all existing methodologies to learn how to cheaply validate business ideas.

Étienne Garbugli – Host of The Lean B2B Support Community

How It Works

You Pick a Plan

You decide how long you want the engagement to be. We set up an onboarding call. During the call, we define the best way to work together to achieve your goals.

We Work Together

Each month, you get 4 hours of my time. You can decide to use it for research, analysis, strategy, or to do traditional coaching. My goal is to make it count for you.

You Cancel Anytime

The engagement lasts as long as needed. We can collaborate for years, or for just one month. No equity spent, no surprises. The goal is to make your business a success.

How I Can Help Your Team

Getting a new business off the ground is one of the hardest things you can do. You don’t need to do it in isolation. Having people to speak to, and get feedback from can make the difference between success and failure.

Customer Development

Get the support of a community of B2B founders who are facing similar challenges.

Business Strategy

All the knowledge in the world won’t be helpful if you’re not taking action. Keep your momentum with accountability checkups.

Go-to-Market Strategy

Make progress. Overcome hurdles. Get your most pressing questions answered.

Sounding Board

Get new ideas, learn new approaches, compare progress, and grow as an entrepreneur.

Ready to Get Started?

Availability is limited. Select the best plan for your short and long-term needs.

Frequently Asked Questions