Startups Donโ€™t Have Infinite Runway.

To reach product/market fit, they need the right roadmap, solid strategies to learn from their market and customers, and a framework for deciding when to pivot, and when to persevere.

But things often get complicated when selling to businesses because…

“Starting a company is like jumping off a cliff and assembling a plane on the way down.”

โ€“ Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn Co-Founder

โš ๏ธ Companies Donโ€™t Buy the Way Consumers Do…

Businesses Buy on Value

They invest in new technology in expectation of a return on their investment (ROI).

Many Stakeholders Get Involved

On average, 6.8 stakeholders get involved in technology purchases in B2B. That’s a lot more than in B2C.

They Expect More Proximity

Itโ€™s important to learn to build relationships before you attempt to scale a solution in B2B.

If You Donโ€™t Find a Way Inside Companies to Start Learning.
Youโ€™ll Spin Your Wheels.
And Your Runway Will Run Out.

What You Need is a Proven Playbook.

The Lean B2B Masterclass

The Lean B2B Masterclass is an end to end training program showing you how to get from idea to product/market fit in B2B.

It will teach you:


How to Assess the Opportunities in B2B & Set Yourself up for Success


How to Evaluate Markets & Find Early Adopters


How to Conduct Interview & Find the Pains of Buyers


How to Define a Product & Validate Its Potential With Customers


How to Speed Things Up & Overcome Common Challenges

The masterclass is designed for action, to help you get positively addicted to success, and to do it one tiny win at a time. The course is highly actionable. It contains everything you need to reach product/market fit in B2B.

Section 1: The B2B Opportunity & Setting Yourself Up for Success (25 mins)
In the first section of the masterclass, we’ll talk about B2B product opportunities. By the end of it, you’ll know the differences between selling to businesses and selling to consumers, and you’ll have a clear idea of the time and setup you’ll need to reach product/market fit.
Lesson #1 โ€“ Introduction 3 mins Watch
Lesson #2 โ€“ Why B2B? 8 mins Watch
Lesson #3 โ€“ What Makes B2B Different? 10 mins Watch
Lesson #4 โ€“ How Much Time Do I Need? 3 mins Watch
Lesson #5 โ€“ Do I Need to Quit My Job? 3 mins Watch
Section 2: Evaluating Markets & Finding Early Adopters (1.5 hour)
Next, we’ll look at ways to generate business ideas and evaluate markets. By the end of this section, you’ll know what market you should be going in, and will have mastered the art of finding and recruiting early adopters.
Lesson #6 – Where It Starts 9 mins Get access
Lesson #7 – Choosing a Market 9 mins Get access
Lesson #8 – Finding Problems and Opportunities that Matter 5 mins Get access
Lesson #9 – Finding Early Adopters 16 mins Get access
Lesson #10 – Finding Early Advocates 4 mins Get access
Lesson #11 – Selecting Early Adopters 2 mins Get access
Lesson #12 – Leveraging Domain Credibility & Visibility 11 mins Get access
Lesson #13 – Contacting Early Adopters 12 mins Get access
Lesson #14 – How to Get Customer Interviews with Cold Emails 26 mins Get access
โ†ณ Lesson #14 – Cold Email Sample Script Get access
Section 3: Finding the Pains of Business Buyers (1 hour)
Next, weโ€™ll start drafting interview scripts, conducting interviews, and finding problems worth solving. By the end of it, youโ€™ll know how to conduct interviews and youโ€™ll be able to turn interview data into actionable insights.
Lesson #15 โ€“ Why Interviews? 9 mins Get access
Lesson #16 โ€“ The Code of Conduct for Customer Interviews 12 mins Get access
โ†ณ Lesson #16 โ€“ Tips for Great Customer Development Interviews Get access
Lesson #17 โ€“ Customer Discovery Interview Questions 11 mins Get access
โ†ณ Lesson #17 โ€“ Customer Discovery Interview Questionsโ€Š Get access
Lesson #18 โ€“ Conducting Problem Interviews 16 mins Get access
Lesson #19 โ€“ Analyzing the Results 12 mins Get access
Section 4: Defining a Product & Validating it With Customers (2 hours)
Next, weโ€™ll define a minimum viable product to start validating our solution. Weโ€™ll also learn how to presell a product. By the end of this section, youโ€™ll know what goes into an early MVP, and know how to make valuable offers to prospects.
Lesson #20 – Problem-Solution Fit 13 mins Get access
โ†ณ Lesson #20 – All Types of Endorsement Get access
Lesson #21 – Creating a Minimum Viable Product 18 mins Get access
Lesson #22 – Mapping the Buying Influencers 9 mins Get access
Lesson #23 – Preparing Your Pitch 18 mins Get access
Lesson #24 – Reengaging Prospects 5 mins Get access
โ†ณ Lesson #24 – Reengagement Template Get access
Lesson #25 – Conducting Solution Interviews 10 mins Get access
โ†ณ Lesson #25 – Solution Interview Questions Get access
Lesson #26 – Dealing with your First Purchase 4 mins Get access
โ†ณ Lesson #26 – How to Deal With Your First Purchase Get access
Lesson #27 – What to Do if the Prospect Doesn’t Buy? 6 mins Get access
โ†ณ Lesson #27 – The Reasons Why Prospects Don’t Buy Get access
Lesson #28 – Product/Market Fit 12 mins Get access
โ†ณ Lesson #28 – Iterating the Product and Reaching Product/Market Fit (๐ŸŽ Bonus Content) Get access
Lesson #29 – To Pivot or Not to Pivot? 7 mins Get access
โ†ณ Lesson #29 – All Types of Pivots Get access
Lesson #30 – What Happened With the Business? 6 mins Get access
Section 5: Speeding Things Up & Overcoming Common Challenges (30 mins)
Lastly, youโ€™ll learn to address common challenges faced by B2B innovators. Youโ€™ll also learn tricks to speed up product/market validation. By the end of it, youโ€™ll be able to identify stalling techniques and speed things up.
Lesson #31 โ€“ Common Challenges 18 mins Get access
Lesson #32 โ€“ Speeding up Productโ€“Market Validation 11 mins Get access
Lesson #33 โ€“ Conclusion 3 mins Get access
โ†ณ Lesson #33 โ€“ Next Steps and a ๐ŸŽ Final Bonus Get access
๐Ÿ“„ Exercise Templates, Scripts & Task Lists
Lean_B2B_Printable_Task_List.docx 69.9 KB Get access
Founder_Institute_10_Rules_Worksheet.pdf 297 KB Get access
Lean_B2B_Money_Map.xlsx 23.7 KB Get access
Lean_B2B_Value_Proposition_Hypotheses.xlsx 29.2 KB Get access
Lean_B2B_Early_Adopters_List.xlsx 13.3 KB Get access
Lean_B2B_Problem_Assessment_Grid.xlsx 24.4 KB Get access
Lean_B2B_Customer_Interview_Script.xlsx 11.8 KB Get access
Tony-Zambito-Buyer-Persona-Canvas.pdf 251 KB Get access
Lean_B2B_Test_Plan.xlsx 23.1 KB Get access
Lean_B2B_Printable_Jury_Map.docx 71.9 KB Get access
Lean_B2B_Canvas.pdf 52.4 KB Get access
๐ŸŽ Extras & Bonuses
๐ŸŽฅ How to Find and Evaluate B2B Business Ideas 40 mins Get access
๐Ÿ“˜ Lean B2B: Build Products Businesses Want (ebook, PDF) 6.55 MB Get access
๐Ÿ“˜ Lean B2B: Build Products Businesses Want (ebook, ePub) 18.2 MB Get access
๐Ÿ“˜ Lean B2B: Build Products Businesses Want (ebook, MOBI) 35.9 MB Get access
๐Ÿ“˜ Lean B2B: Build Products Businesses Want (Paperback discount) Get access
๐ŸŽ™๏ธ Expert Interviews With B2B Thought-Leaders
Alex Berman: Cold Email Pro & Serial Entrepreneur (Experiment 27, Lorelia Films, etc) 34 mins Get access
Alex Hillman: Serial Entrepreneur (Indy Hall, Stacking the Bricks) & Author 1h 02m Get access
Ashwin Gupta: Growth & Product Management at Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) and Wingify 34 mins Get access
Bob Moesta: President & CEO of the Re-Wired Group, Co-Creator of the Jobs to be Done Framework 26 mins Get access
Claudio Perrone: Lean Startup Coach & Creator of PopcornFlow for Continuous Innovation & Change 30 mins Get access
Dan Martell: Serial Entrepreneur (Clarity, Flowtown, Spheric Technologies), Coach & Angel Investor 41 mins Get access
Daniel Zacarias: Product Management Expert & Founder 32 mins Get access
David Cancel: Serial Entrepreneur (Drift, Performable, Compete, Lookery, Ghostery) & Angel Investor 31 mins Get access
Hiten Shah: Serial Entrepreneur (FYI, Product Habits, Crazy Egg, Kissmetrics) & Angel Investor 44 mins Get access
Ian Gervais: VP of Product at Statflo, Founding Team Member 38 mins Get access
Jeff Gothelf: Co-Author of Lean UX and Sense & Respond, Author of Lean vs Agile vs Design Thinking 29 mins Get access
Jim Kalbach: Author of The Jobs-to-be-Done Playbook & Head Of Customer Experience at MURAL 29 mins Get access
Karl Gilis: UX, CRO and Customer Experience Expert & Co-Founder AGConsult 48 mins Get access
Kieran Flanagan: Growth Though-Leader & VP Marketing at HubSpot 30 mins Get access
Nir Eyal: Bestselling Author of Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products & Indistractable 24 mins Get access
Patrick Campbell: Founder & CEO of ProfitWell, Pricing Expert 39 mins Get access
Sachin Rekhi: Serial Entrepreneur (Notejoy, Feedera, Anywhere.FM) & Product Management Expert 40 mins Get access
Zoran Kovacevic: Product Manager at TripActions & Serial Entrepreneur 27 mins Get access
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The Masterclass Has Everything You Need to
Get From Idea to P/M Fit In B2B

5.5 Hours of Video Lessons

Practical videos and exercises showing you how to get from idea to product/market fit in B2B.

16+ Hours of Exclusive Interviews

Access to interviews with B2B thought-leaders like Dan Martell, Hiten Shah, and Bob Moesta, pioneer of JTBD.

1 Year of Community Access

Access to The Lean B2B Support Community where you can get feedback, and support for your venture.

Invites to Member-Only Trainings

Every month, we host live training sessions to dive deep into certain key challenges. You’ll also be invited to our Live Q&As.

It’s Based on a Proven Methodology, Already
Used by Thousands of Entrepreneurs & Innovators

Companies Using The Lean B2B Methodology

Itโ€™s Taught by a Real Entrepreneur With Real Experience

ร‰tienne Garbugli โ€“ Lean B2B Masterclass Instructor

ร‰tienne Garbugli is a 3-time startup founder (Flagback, HireVoice and Highlights), the author of Lean B2B: Build Products Businesses Want, and a recognized customer research expert.

Over the years, he has validated no less than 25 businesses for clients and personal projects, ran countless tests, and tried all existing methodologies to learn how to cheaply validate business ideas.

Save Your Runway. Follow a Proven Process.
Get The Lean B2B Masterclass Today.

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