How to Reward the Internal Champion for Your Early Customers in B2B

“Any customer you get promoted is a customer for life.” – Patrick McKenzie, Entrepreneur The more your value proposition starts to become reality, the more you’ll want to start turning your attention back to your early adopter, change agent, and internal champion. They believed in

How Veeva Systems Found an Underserved Market Segment in CRM

Veeva Systems was founded by Peter Gassner and Matt Wallach in 2007. Having seen the evolution of client-server and mainframe technologies earlier in their careers, the founders believed that, as the cloud matured, products would become more verticalized, targeting specific industry segments. At Salesforce, where

How to Use Preselling to Validate a Technology Product (Complete Guide)

“It’s not that the customer may not have the problem, it’s just, they may not want the solution you’re selling.” – Dan Martell, Serial Entrepreneur Although you can use landing pages to presell smaller dollar-value products, it’s highly recommended to do preselling face-to-face, or over

How to Evaluate Product/Market Fit by Analyzing Retention Cohorts

Plot the % active over time (for various retention cohorts) to create your retention curve. IF it flattens off at some point, you have probably found product/market fit (PMF) for some market or audience. – Brian Balfour, Reforge Founder & CEO Several years ago, Facebook