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The Lean B2B Certification Program combines live learning, real case studies, and 1:1 weekly feedback to provide a rare & hands-on learning experience of The Lean B2B Methodology.

*Applications open summer 2022

Go From Student to Master in 6 Weeks

Go Way Beyond Theory

Learn to apply, and adapt The Lean B2B Methodology to the needs of your organization. Get in-depth feedback on your progress. Level up.

Grow Your Career

Meet and exchange with experts. Unlock new knowledge. Get continuous access to on-demand lessons, and members-only trainings sessions.

Lean B2B Certified

Become the Expert

Gain recognition. Get certified as the Lean B2B expert. Claim your spot in our expert directory.

🔥 Introducing The Lean B2B Certification Program 🔥

The Lean B2B Certification Program is a 6-weeks live training program.

In week 1, participants will set objectives for their investment in the certification program. We’ll dive deep into the way businesses work, and how teams and stakeholders buy innovative solutions in organizations.

In week 2, we’ll dig deeper into early adopter decision-making, evaluate different ways to think about markets, and introduce templates of opportunities that will lead to successful innovations.

In week 3, we’ll try different customer research techniques, practice how to uncover the true needs of prospects, and create plans to learn from a varied group of stakeholders in a target market.

In week 4, we’ll learn how to analyze interview data, map opportunities, and evaluate and compare the potential of various types of ideas and opportunities.

In week 5, we’ll talk about the challenges innovators are facing in their organizations. We’ll introduce tools and strategies to build consensus, find alignment with company incentives, and push projects through to the finish line.

In week 6, we’ll discuss the challenges of validating innovation ideas. We’ll also try various techniques to validate opportunities with real prospects.

By the end of the 6 week program, participants will take an online test to evaluate their progress. Should they succeed, they’ll receive their Lean B2B certification, and become featured members of our expert directory.

The Lean B2B Certification Program is Designed For…


Working on the business case of new innovation projects, responsible for testing, validation, and the promotion of new opportunities internally.

B2B Product Managers

Product leaders responsible for the development, and go-to-market strategy of new, and innovative B2B products.

Innovation Leaders

Responsible for research, innovation strategy, or the entire innovation practice in their organization from beginning to end.

Innovation Consultants

Helping mid- to large-sized organizations with their innovation strategies, or the management of their portfolios.

The Program Has Everything You Need to Master the Lean B2B Methodology…

…and learn to adapt it to your unique organization:

  • 6 weeks of live training sessions with the author of Lean B2B: Build Products Businesses Want
  • 30+ on-demand video lessons you can watch and re-watch any time once the program is complete
  • Real-world projects that will influence how innovation is done in your organization
  • Extensive, personalized feedback as you go
  • Small cohorts so we can dive deep together (12 participants, max)
  • All the tools and templates you’ll ever need
  • Lean B2B certificate upon successful completion of the program
  • Visibility in the Lean B2B Expert Directory
  • Invites to member-only training sessions once you’re certified

Invest in Your Career And Your Innovation Processes

The Lean B2B Certification Program will equip you with all the knowledge and insights you need to significantly improve your organization’s (or your clients’) innovation practice.

Your Time Investment

You’re busy. It’s hard to commit a lot of time.

To make your investment worth your while, plan to invest 8 hours/week.

  • 📆  2 hours/week for live training sessions +
  • 🧪  4-6 hours/week for quizzes and assignments

No fluff. No redundancies. Just the key insights you need.

30-Day Guarantee

The 30-Day Guarantee

We’re so confident that The Lean B2B Certification Program will help you drive B2B innovations to fruition that we’re offering a full 30 days to put the curriculum to the test.

If you dive into the training and realize that the program isn’t for you, simply reach out to and ask for a full refund—no questions asked, other than how we could have done better.

Who Is Teaching This Program?

Étienne Garbugli is a 3-time startup founder (Flagback, HireVoice, and Highlights), the author of The Lean B2B Series (Lean B2B, Solving Product, and Find Your Market), and a recognized customer research expert.

He has over 15 years of experience in innovation, working at startups, in large companies, agencies, consulting firms, and on his own startups. Throughout, he has learned how to efficiently test, validate, and bring new solutions to market.

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