How to Avoid Getting Blocked By Influencers in B2B Customer Development

You were able to turn a buying influence into a coach to help you identify the stakeholders and build a compelling product, but it doesn’t seem to lead anywhere.

Other business stakeholders seem skeptical of your assessment of the situation; they sing a very different tune from the one your coaching influence sings. They seem to be meeting with you more out of politeness than anything else. What’s happening?

It’s not uncommon for prospects to pretend they have more power, budget or influence than they actually do.

Maybe your coaching influence doesn’t have enough credibility with the other stakeholders or maybe she/he’s not in a position to influence anyone.

Keep your current coaching influence but develop stronger relationships with the other stakeholders. Get another coach on your side. Speak with the economic buyer. Figure out what’s really holding back the deal.

If you find out that your coaching influence has a bad reputation in the company, other stakeholders may resent working on anything that helps him out. If that’s the case, cut your ties with your coaching influence, take a step back and approach the company through another stakeholder.

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