The Lean B2B Canvas – A Free Tool to Iterate Lean Value Propositions

The Lean B2B Canvas is a lightweight tool to iterate value proposition assumptions and assess the likelihood that your B2B product gets purchased and implemented by businesses.

The canvas was designed to be a lightweight complement to the Lean Canvas. It’s a tool I worked on, as I was putting together Lean B2B: Build Products Businesses Want. See it below:

The Lean B2B Canvas: How to Create a B2B Value Proposition
The Value Proposition Canvas B2B Version

How to Use the Lean B2B Canvas to Create a B2B Value Proposition

Fill out the sections as follows:

  1. Market: What is your high-level target market? Is it a real market?
  2. Early Adopter Profile: What is your ideal customer profile? Who is your early adopter? What are his key personality traits?
  3. Problem/Opportunity: What problem are you solving for your early adopters? Why does it matter?
  4. Solution: What is your solution to their problem? How are you making it better? What will prospects be able to do that they were previously unable to do?
  5. Solution Risks: What aspects of the deal might businesses perceive as risks? What might keep them from buying, implementing or activating the solution?
  6. Solution Benefits: What are the benefits for the business? What return on investment (ROI) can be expected? What will be the benefits for the individual buying influences? Why should they care?

You can fill a Lean B2B Canvas early as you’re exploring markets to mark down your hypotheses. Once the canvas is complete, the difference between the Solution Risks and Solution Benefits sections will allow you to visualize the implementation score (the likelihood that your solution gets accepted by businesses):

Implementation Score"

Get your Lean B2B Canvas for free right here. Share your thoughts and ideas on the tool. I’d love to make it even more useful for you.

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