How to Reward the Internal Champion for Your Early Customers in B2B

“Any customer you get promoted is a customer for life.” – Patrick McKenzie, Entrepreneur The more your value proposition starts to become reality, the more you’ll want to start turning your attention back to your early adopter, change agent, and internal champion. They believed in

How to Find an Internal Change Agent to Make the Sale in B2B

To be able to get a sale through, you need to start by finding the person with the motivation to get the solution purchased. That person is often the internal change agent—sometimes called the champion, or coach. Change agents are willing to stick their necks

How to Map the B2B Buying Process With Customer Interviews

Once you’re starting to have a clear picture of the pain points, the value businesses look for, and you’re able to confirm that a few organizations are willing to spend money to solve the problem your business solves, you’ll want to start understanding the B2B

What Makes a Great B2B Value Proposition in The Early Days of a Startup?

A great B2B value proposition is compelling, quantifiable, provable, referencable and easily explainable. Although your value proposition might not be all of this when you start, it’s one thing you should always be refining. The Two Types of Benefits a B2B Value Proposition Can Have

How Taleo Landed a Fortune 20 Company as an Early Adopter

The story of how talent management startup Taleo landed Hewlett-Packard as an early client is inspiring. It’s a modern David and Goliath story. The CEO of a small Canadian startup goes to Silicon Valley armed only with a vision and wins over an enterprise giant.