Introducing the Lean B2B Course: Learn to Apply the Lean Startup in B2B

I’ve been thinking about creating a 2nd edition of Lean B2B for years.

The content’s there. The learnings are there. But I’ve been afraid of breaking it; breaking something that’s already working.

I think I came up with a solution.

Today marks the launch of the Lean B2B Course; 5 hours of high-quality video lessons expanding on the content of the book.

The course dives deeper into ways to manage runway, find early adopters, connect with decision-makers, conduct interviews, and reach product-market fit. The complete course structure is available below.

It also includes battle-tested worksheets and templates, and access to the all-new Monthly Virtual Office Hours. You can check out the Lean B2B Course right here.

The Lean B2B Course Content

It’s a lot of content, but you can complete it at your own pace. Just dive in whenever you have time!

  1. Introduction
  2. Why B2B?
  3. What Makes B2B Different?
  4. How Much Time Do I Need?
  5. Do I Need to Quit My Job?
  6. Where It Starts
  7. Choosing a Market
  8. Finding Problems and Opportunities that Matter
  9. How to Find Early Adopters
  10. How to Identify Early Advocates
  11. Selecting Early Adopters
  12. Leveraging Domain Credibility & Visibility
  13. Contacting Early Adopters
  14. How to Get Customer Interviews with Cold Emails
  15. Why Interviews?
  16. The Code of Conduct for Customer Interviews
  17. Customer Discovery Questions
  18. Conducting Problem Interviews
  19. Analyzing the Results
  20. Problem-Solution Fit
  21. Creating a Minimum Viable Product
  22. Mapping the Buying Influencers
  23. Preparing Your Pitch
  24. Reengaging Prospects
  25. Conducting Solution Interviews
  26. How to Deal With Your First Purchase
  27. What to Do if the Prospect Doesn’t Buy?
  28. Product-Market Fit
  29. To Pivot or Not to Pivot?
  30. What Happened With the Business?
  31. Common Challenges
  32. Speeding up Product-Market Validation
  33. Conclusion

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