How to Shorten the Time to Value (TTV) of a Product in B2B

You may have launched a full product or, agreed on terms for a conditional purchase, or a customer might have purchased your product in full. But if your product takes a long time to demonstrate value, it will significantly impact your ability to learn, and build momentum.

Time to Value (also known as TTV) is the amount of time needed for a new prospect or customer to realize value with a product. The longer the TTV, the greater the chances that the customer will disengage, and won’t make it far enough to provide meaningful feedback.

If you can’t learn about the core value of your product or get customers engaged, you can’t iterate fast. This, in turn, will eat your startup’s runway, and increase your risk of failure.

Products with short TTVs are easier to introduce, and get adopted more quickly on the market.

So, how can you shorten the TTV of your solution?

Ways to Shorten the Time to Value of a B2B Product

Look at your product through the lens of time to value:

  • Are there product steps that aren’t essential that could be removed?
  • Could the value be front-loaded some more?
  • Beyond reordering your product’s steps, could your team take on more of the Job to be Done to make the value stand out even more?
  • Are there different/alternate ways to deliver the value that could be considered?
  • Can you break down the experience into different, smaller products? (For example, could you perhaps sell a diagnostic tool that delivers value quickly, and helps you learn how to deliver more value later on?)

If none of these options seem likely, consider going back to the drawing board to address a different opportunity.

A solution that can’t deliver value in the first month will significantly complicate your ability to learn, and grow quickly on the market.

Time to Value: Bridging the Value Gap

More on Shortening the TTV

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