How to Shorten the Time to Value (TTV) of a Product in B2B

You may have launched a full product or, agreed on terms for a conditional purchase, or a customer might have purchased your product in full. But if your product takes a long time to demonstrate value, it will significantly impact your ability to learn, and

How to Iterate Product Value to Reach Product/Market Fit In B2B

“The first prototype isn’t meant to show a solution. It’s to show that you don’t yet understand the problem.” – Clay Shirky, Author Silicon Valley Group founder and product management expert Marty Cagan says that there are two inconvenient truths in products: At least half

Your Product Needs These 3 Features

No, this isn’t a post about feature creep. It’s a post about the features you’ll need to line up in order to make your Software as a Service (SaaS) business a success. SaaS is becoming more competitive each year. As competitivity increases, it becomes harder

Why Entrepreneurs Need to Fully Commit to Their MVPs

I want to solve this, I’m committed and I have no job. – Jason Cohen, WP Engine Founder MIT Entrepreneurship Center Founder Ken Morse famously said: “Entrepreneurs should be pigs not chickens.” What he meant by this is that entrepreneurs need to be committed like the pig

The Risks and Dangers of Building Features for Early Adopters

The fact is that when you’re talking to one customer it’s very easy to fall prey to their specific needs that may not be representative of the whole market. – Thor Muller, Get Satisfaction Co-Founder and Author There’s an important bias built into the customer