Substitute Products: What Solution is Your B2B Product Really Replacing?

Though rarely perceived as a competitor, Microsoft Excel is almost always an actual competitor for software startups. – Joshua Porter, Ex-HubSpot Director of User Experience In large companies, the core business functions are well served by technology vendors. There’s Intuit for finance, Taleo for recruitment,

How to Find Your Best Customers with a Market Segmentation Analysis

B2B entrepreneur and investor Jason Lemkin says that there are 4 stages to a business: First customers: when you’re looking for Product-Market fit; Under $1M: when it’s not really repeatable, but you have revenue coming in; Over $2M: when the engine is starting to work

3 Reasons Why B2B SaaS Companies Fail to Scale Past Early Adopters

There are countless reasons why B2B SaaS companies fail to scale. According to CB Insights’ analysis of 269 startup post-mortems, the top reasons for startup failure are lack of market demand, competition, team, cashflow, and pricing: CB Insights – Top 5 Reasons Why SaaS Companies

When’s the Best Time for My Company to Enter a New Market Segment?

You chose a beachhead market. Aligned internal stakeholders. Repositioned the business and external messaging. Wrote amazing case studies. Tightened your product-market fit. Switched to a proactive growth model. And business is booming. Don’t stop. It takes discipline to expand gradually. Now, there’s 2 things that’ll need