Why Entrepreneurs Need to Fully Commit to Their MVPs

I want to solve this, I’m committed and I have no job.Jason Cohen, WP Engine Founder

MIT Entrepreneurship Center Founder Ken Morse famously said: “Entrepreneurs should be pigs not chickens.”

What he meant by this is that entrepreneurs need to be committed like the pig in the breakfast.

The pig, who provides the bacon, gives his life to make breakfast, while the chicken, who provides eggs, can easily move from one meal to another.

Prospects can tell if you’re a pig or a chicken.

Building a minimal version of a product doesn’t mean that you should not commit to it. Commitment is an essential part of building credibility for your fledging startup.

You chose a prospect group and a problem, brainstormed a solution and created a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Remember that those were all decisions you made; you could have gone in a completely different direction.

If you’re not committing, why should businesses commit? You get half the results when you put half of your heart into it. The only way to succeed is to fully commit.

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