Why Your Next B2B Startup Might Need to Focus on Mobile

Earlier this month, enterprise-focused VC firm Emergence Capital published a really insightful analysis of the mobile SaaS and enterprise market:

Looking at the deck, a few things quickly jump to mind:

  1. IT budgets are shifting to mobile … Key aspects of the mobile experience are context of use and simplicity of user interface; two things B2B vendors have not traditionally been focused on…
  2. Productivity apps with B2C sophistication like Slack, Dropbox and Box have been capturing the bulk of the funding with $3.7B in total raise.
  3. Vertical market apps are on the rise with education, retail, healthcare, construction, manufacturing and government mobile startups raising a combined $855M.
  4. Although desk extension apps are attracting a lot of the attention today, I expect a lot of the most promising B2B mobile opportunities to emerge from the “deskless” vertical mobile market.
  5. Founders have been catching up (95 mobile enterprise startups in 2013, 313 in 2015), but there are still a lot of opportunities ripe for the taking.

If Mobile-Enterprise is expected to be a $100B market, maybe your next startup should be mobile-first…

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