Should Your Startup Go After the Enterprise Market, or Can That Wait?

There are clear benefits to targeting the enterprise market. In the enterprise market, a startup may be competing against fewer companies, they may be able to reach profitability more quickly (thanks to greater deal sizes), and ultimately, should they become a market leader, new entrants

How to Shorten the Time to Value (TTV) of a Product in B2B

You may have launched a full product or, agreed on terms for a conditional purchase, or a customer might have purchased your product in full. But if your product takes a long time to demonstrate value, it will significantly impact your ability to learn, and

How to Iterate Product Value to Reach Product/Market Fit In B2B

“The first prototype isn’t meant to show a solution. It’s to show that you don’t yet understand the problem.” – Clay Shirky, Author Silicon Valley Group founder and product management expert Marty Cagan says that there are two inconvenient truths in products: At least half