The *Real* Metrics of B2B Product-Market Fit for Startups

Although analytics play a lesser role in the early days of B2B startups, there’s a point – usually when your pilot is in the hands of customers – when analytics help you understand the drivers of B2B product-market fit (revenue, engagement and growth). Throw away

How to Define Product-Market Fit in 2022

You can’t define Product-Market fit, but you know when you see it. There are no specific KPIs, but you feel it. – Richard Aberman, WePay Co-Founder There is no clear definition for what Product-Market fit really is. The reason for that is not because it

How Optimizely Stayed Lean by Selling Vaporware Software

Pete Koomen joined Google as an Associate Product Manager in 2006. At Google, he had the chance to work on many large projects and meet Dan Siroker who, at the time, also served as the Director of Analytics for the Barack Obama presidential campaign. Together,