How to Score B2B Customer Problems by Budget Availability

The training stuff (that we were working on) was a cost center. People just said… we don’t have a budget for that, but we do have all these marketing problems. We had to be closer to the money. – Chris Savage, Wistia CEO It’s very

Why You Don’t Want to Start a B2B Business Without Competition

“It’s really important not to create a business without competition.” – Unknown Starting a new business is one of the most challenging things you can do. Unless you’re in it for the pain (possible), it makes sense to try to reduce your risk and difficulty

Creating New Business Opportunities With Business Model Bingo

I’m lucky to be able to work with a lot of brillant entrepreneurs. One entrepreneur I was working with had a fairly successful freemium startup generating revenue through premium subscriptions. It was doing well, but growth was more difficult than originally anticipated. The CEO –

What a Market Is and Isn’t

A market or market segment is, by definition, a group of customers who share the same pain and will refer to one another for buying decisions. If we break that down, a market is made up of: A number of potential customers; People who share