Lean B2B in Action

How Veeva Systems Found an Underserved Market Segment in CRM

Veeva Systems was founded by Peter Gassner and Matt Wallach in 2007. Having seen the evolution of client-server and mainframe technologies earlier in their careers, the founders believed that, as the cloud matured, products would become more verticalized, targeting specific industry segments. At Salesforce, where

Innovation Expert Frederik Mohrmann on Prioritizing Innovation Projects in B2B

Frederik Mohrmann is Business Developer and Lean Innovation Coach at the Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR). NLR is an applied research institute. Their work covers different fields ranging from systems design and electronics to avionics. They’re a nonprofit organization – currently 80% contract-based for the private sector

How Loopio Grew from 0 to 300 Customers by Focusing on Relationships

Zakir Hemraj is Co-Founder and CEO of Loopio, a platform to help sales teams and businesses manage their RFP responses. Their software handles all sales information requests. Whether it’s requests for proposal, requests for information or security questionnaires for compliance or due diligence exercises, their

Innovation Consultant Joyce Oomen on The Right Time to Think About Innovation

Joyce Oomen is the founder of product and innovation management consultancy Pimcy. Her company helps businesses structure their innovation product development by combining innovation management with innovation portfolio management. Joyce worked her whole career in product development, spending 10 years as a Senior Product Manager