The User Buyer Role in B2B Customer Development

Selling in mid- to large-sized businesses is never as straightforward as selling to small businesses. The MIT Entrepreneurship Center uses the term “Jury” to refer to the group of stakeholders that must get involved in a B2B customer development.

B2B Customer Development - Buying Influencer Map
Example of a Jury Map

As we saw before, the Jury includes the influencers, the Economic Buyer and the Technical Buyer.

This week, we look at the role of our last key Jury member: the User Buyer role in B2B — the person most concerned with the user experience and day-to-day impact of your solution.

The User Buyer in B2B Customer Development

The user buyer uses or supervises the use of the product. Since user buyers often don’t have their own budget, it’s important to understand how they can help connect you with the other buyer types.

They tend to consult with peers in user groups or community sites to see what others who have implemented your solution are saying about it.

User buyers typically care about how your solution will be used in the day to day, and whom it will affect. They’re concerned with the quality of the user experience and its impact on their work. They want to know about specific use cases, features and processes.

To user buyers, there’s a direct relationship between their success and your solution’s success.

With the consumerization of enterprise software and the success of user-centric companies like Box, Yammer and Dropbox, expect the user buyer’s influence over the sale to increase.

In the upcoming weeks, we’ll look at the role of a key Jury influencer: the Coach.

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