65 VC Firms and SaaS Angel Investors to Fund Your B2B Startup

If you want money, ask for advice, and if you want advice, ask for money. – Unknown

When raising money for your B2B startup, it’s important to realize that, beyond terms, B2B investors won’t all bring the same value to your business.

Some investors will be very involved while others will not. Some will open gates for you, help recruit top employees, show you the ropes, and remain solid partners all throughout the life of your startup. And again, some will not.

In B2B, the best investors understand how B2B and B2C startups differ, they have connections in your industry, and know what it takes to win in B2B. Those investors can significantly improve your odds of success.

To help you find the right partners, I’ve put together a list of SaaS angel investors and partners at leading VC firms actively investing in B2B SaaS companies. This is a list I wish I had when we raising money for Psykler.

SaaS Angel Investors Investing in B2B Startups

NameLocationB2B Investments for SaaS Angel Investors
Alex KheinLondon, UKAutomatic, Talkdesk, MediaCore
Andy YangToronto, CanadaTribeHR, Kera, Fuse Powered
Auren HoffmanSan FranciscoAardvark, Flowtown, Rapleaf
David CancelGreater Boston AreaRapportive, Help Scout, Appcues
David HauserLas VegasIntercom, Buffer, Unbounce, Drift
David O. SacksSan FranciscoPalantir Technologies, Yammer, PayPal
Dharmesh ShahGreater Boston AreaHubspot, Appcues, Buffer
Francois GaouetteMontreal, CanadaTaleo, Airborne Mobile, Amilia
Francois GilbertQuebec, CanadaTaleo, Coveo
Keith RaboisSan FranciscoAffirm, HelloSign, Jetty
James GeshwilerGreater Boston AreaInfluitive, TimeTrade
Jean-François GagnéMontreal, CanadaElement AI, Planora
Jerry NeumannNew York CityTaleo, Simple, DataHero
Jim MoranGreater Boston AreaPaydiant, MixRank, Edocs
John LandryGreater Boston AreaUnica, docTrackr, Jingle Networks
Magdalena YesilSan FranciscoSalesforce.com, 3Ware, Securify
Mitch KaporOaklandOptimizely, Twilio, Asana
Rasool RayaniVictoria, CanadaUnbounce, MediaCore, Versly
Robert ShawNew York CityBox, Streem, Revolve Robotics
Roham GharegozlouSan FranciscoIntercom, ToutApp, Zozi
Ty DancoGreater Boston AreaCrashlytics, CardMunch, Incentive Targeting
Victor BelforSan FranciscoInfluitive, MixRank, CodingTechnologies
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B2B Venture Capital Firms Investing in B2B Startups

NameLocationB2B Funding of SaaS Companies
Adam RothenbergNew York CityKustomer, Fundera, CrowdAI
Ajay AgarwalPalo AltoOptimizely, Kiva Systems, Symphony Commerce
Brian Christopher YeeSan FranciscoBox, Appirio, AuditFile
Brian JacobsSan FranciscoSuccessFactors, Yammer, Veeva
Bruce ClevelandSan FranciscoMarketo, Totango, Amplero
Byron DeeterSan FranciscoTwilio, Involver, Bizo
Cindy Padnos
San FranciscoBedrock Analytics, Influitive, Pex
Charley LaxBostonColubris Networks, Incpient, GSI Commerce
Chip HazardGreater Boston AreaMattermark, Crashlytics, MongoDB
Christoph JanzStuttgart, GermanyZendesk, Geckoboard, Typeform
Craig HansonMenlo ParkGoodData, Host Analytics, Zuora
David AdderleyOttawa, CanadaCamilion Solutions, Synad Technologies and ViXS Systems
David NaultMontreal, CanadaLightspeed, Unsplash, Chronogolf
David SkokGreater Boston AreaHubspot, TribeHR, AppIQ
Devdutt YellurkarPalo AltoZendesk, Wave, Rethink Robotics
Eliot DurbinNew York CityLivePerson, GoToMeeting, Greenplum
Eric Martineau-FortinGuernsey, United KingdomBetaworks, Klaxoon, TheGuarantors
Eric VishriaSan FranciscoAmplitude, Contentful, Confluent
Ethan KurzweilSan FranciscoSendGrid, Twilio, Skybox Imaging
Garry TanSan FranciscoMeta, Origin Protocol, Taplytics
Jason GreenSan FranciscoSalesforce.com, SuccessFactors, Box
Jason M. LemkinPalo AltoTalkdesk, SalesLoft, Pipedrive
Jean-Francois MarcouxMontreal, CanadaSalesfloor, IMMUNIO, mnubo
Josh SteinPalo AltoFront App, Periscope Data, Talkdesk
Kevin SpainPalo AltoVeeva Systems, Zettics, VigLink
Manu KumarPalo AltoTwilio, Indextank, Boomerang
Mark MacLeodToronto, CanadaFreshbooks, Context.io, Engagio
Mark SusterLos AngelesBurstly, Gravity, Invoca
Matt GoldenToronto, CanadaGuardly
Megan QuinnSan FranciscoInVision, Pendo, Slack
Mike CegelskiMontreal, CanadaTaleo, iBwave, Beltron
Mike VolpiSan FranciscoZuora, Confluent, Optimizely
Neeraj AgrawalGreater Boston AreaAmplitude, Optimizely, Yesware
Peter FentonSan FranciscoZuora, Zendesk, Optimizely
Reza Malekzadeh
San FranciscoAB Tasty, Bestmile, Platform.sh
Rob de HeusAlmere Stad, NetherlandsBox, BlazeMeter, Streem
Scott SandellSan FranciscoWorkday, Tableau, Coursera
Simon ChongToronto, CanadaFreshBooks, Influitive, ScribbleLive
Stacey BishopPalo AltoHubspot, ExactTarget, Box
Tae Hea NahmSan FranciscoMarketo, Engagio, Talkdesk
Thomas KorteSan FranciscoHeroku, Buffer, Periscope Data
Tomasz TunguzSan FranciscoDremio, Expensify, Looker
Vas NatarajanSan FranciscoAtlassian, Lightspeed, Qualtrics
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I expect this list to grow and evolve over time. If you see any mistakes or have suggestions of SaaS angel investors or B2B investors to add, just tweet at @leanb2b.

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