B2B Entrepreneurship

Should Your Startup Go After the Enterprise Market, or Can That Wait?

There are clear benefits to targeting the enterprise market. In the enterprise market, a startup may be competing against fewer companies, they may be able to reach profitability more quickly (thanks to greater deal sizes), and ultimately, should they become a market leader, new entrants

How to Map the Needs of the Decision-Making Unit (DMU) in B2B Sales

The decision-making unit or DMU is the group of stakeholders within an organisation that get involved in the purchase of a technology product. In complex sales, the DMU might include the decision-makers, the influencers, and your early adopters. As you were interacting with prospects inside

What Can B2B Entrepreneurs Learn From Solopreneurs in 2024?

For the longest time, there were only two major paths for tech entrepreneurs: A. You raise capital, and you’re expected to grow fast; B. You self-fund your business and can grow at your own pace. These paths weren’t mutually exclusive, and they both had advantages