How Psykler Used Spreadsheets to Validate Early Product Demand

After years of watching salespeople burn leads and lose accounts due to personality and style clashes, Wayne McIntyre founded Psykler. The objective of the business was to help users build more effective business relationships using psychometric profiling. Wayne’s hypothesis was this: relationship profiling, a concept

The DotCloud Pivot: How Docker’s Competitors Suddenly Became Partners

DotCloud started up as a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) provider allowing app developers to focus on the code while they handled scaling, deployment and load balancing. In a busy space dominated by Heroku (Salesforce) and Cloud Foundry (Pivotal), DotCloud managed to get thousands of developers to build

Do You Have the Profile of a B2C, or a B2B Entrepreneur?

B2B and B2C startups don’t attract the same kind of profiles. A B2B entrepreneur is generally more pragmatic and process-driven. B2B entrepreneurs appreciate predictability and are usually more risk-averse than their B2C counterparts. B2C founders generally seek high-impact ventures. They want to build products they